Empowering businesses to be the best they can be by improving their systems, processes and people!

At insight4business, we’re passionate about helping your business become more sustainable by improving your systems,  processes and people, so you can work efficiently and effectively… without wasted time and duplication.


  • You can always perform at your best
  • You can maximise your output
  • You can become the go-to supplier for your customers and clients!

Whether you operate in the private or public sector, you’re a service-based business or a product-based one, you can be sure you’ll have our undivided, expert attention when you work with us.

Our experienced team will provide backing and support for your business and its teams. And together, we’ll upskill your best asset, your employees, so they can sustain and drive your business from within.

The story behind  

“Working with insight4business was a game-changer for our company. Their expertise in streamlining our processes and optimizing our systems led to a significant boost in efficiency.

    Sarah – Team Leader


    Let me introduce myself...

    I’m Matthew McSharry.

    Dad to two little legends, outdoors lover, and founder and owner of insight4business.

    Together with my experienced team of friendly professionals, we’ll help you super-charge your productivity by focusing on the three core areas of your business.


    By creating innovative and bespoke solutions for your organisation, we’ll look at what’s holding you back and support the changes needed to drive your business forward to the highly successful future it deserves.

    I’m really looking forward to finding out how I can support you!

    Jan 2019

    When the business was founded

    In January 2019 after working professionally in corporate roles within blue chip businesses and clients around the FMCG arena for over 20 years.

    What next?


    Let me introduce myself...

    Book in with me a FREE consultation and we can talk through your business needs.


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    Book in with me a FREE consultation and we can talk through your business needs.


    How can I help you?

    Book in with me a FREE consultation and we can talk through your business needs.

    Ready to become the best supplier your customers and clients have ever had?

    If you’re fed up with wasting time and duplicating processes…

    Had enough of putting up with the daily struggles of things not going to plan…

    Ready to have the clarity you need to get your business working as efficiently and effectively as possible…

    Excited to reach your next level of growth…

    Then book a FREE, no-obligation consultation.

    I’ll come to your site for around two hours and take a look at your operation. I’ll ask any questions to make sure I can add value and see if we’ll be a good fit to work together.

    You can book your free consultation using the link below.