After a year(ish) long hiatus from the wonderful world of flexible packaging, I have returned this week to support some colleagues at their site in Lincolnshire. It’s been like riding a bike and I really enjoyed falling straight back into the cut and thrust of manufacturing high volume packaging for FMCG producers in the Food Sector. The only difference this time round is that I approach matters with an entirely strategic overview as I look for the gaps and steps required to realise the improvements required by the teams, without having the pressure of the day to day requirement to operate!

There are some large operations in our county, supplying local and UK FMCG producers with the packaging needed to protect goods and eliminate waste, especially within food and beverage supply chains. Looking forward to supporting the business and their growth plan as the core teams and people involved are super switched on, ready to move forward, and want to realise change for the better!

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